PR_Boating-Magazine-6Advil had become as much a part of my spring make-ready kit as paintbrushes, grease and wrenches. That’s because I usually spent four days swinging a rotary polisher to remove the cloudy-white oxidation and return Breakaway’s finish to glorious. All that work would carry the glossy, dark-blue finish from April until about mid-July at my home port in the Northeast. Were I a lower-latitude boater, the more-intense rays of the sun would require me to haul the boat and refinish it sooner. But there is another option: paint.

Now, the best finish coatings are two-part paints. That’s what the pros use. That’s what companies like Hinckley Yachts and Hatteras apply over gelcoat to achieve the toughest finish with the best gloss, color, flexibility and resistance to abrasion and chemicals. That’s what your local boatyard with a paint booth and the great rep will use. But historically “two-part” paints have been finicky to apply, may have required special equipment, and may have come at a high cost.

Then, just as I was beginning to dread the upcoming compounding Olympics, Jon Boswell and Brad Martin of Engineered Marine Coatings (EMC) approached me last spring. They claimed to have developed a two-part marine coating called Quantum99 that was easy for DIY. It would provide a slick, glossy finish; a return to rich color; and it all fit in one five-gallon pail called the “Genius Bucket” for a retail price of $499. Grab a Tyvek suit, your respirator and some gloves and learn what happened next.

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