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Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer

Designed to maximize gloss and adhesion of topcoats, this two-component epoxy-polyamide surfacing primer provides corrosion protection to aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and previously painted materials. Available in off-white or gray.

  • Contains anticorrosive pigment
  • Dry time between 1-3 hours, apply up to 12 wet mils
  • Easy to sand
  • Pot life of 8 hours at 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mix ratio 1:1
Quantum45 High Build Epoxy Primer

An integral part of EMC’s signature Marine Finish System, Quantum99 Topcoat can be directly applied to this two-component epoxy-polyamide primer. Available in white and gray.

  • Pot life 6 hours at 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dry time between coats 1-3 hours, apply up to 20 wet mils
  • Can be applied above or below water
  • Mix ratio: 1:1
Quantum30 Corrosion Inhibitive Epoxy Primer

For professional application only, this two-component strontium chromate polyamide-epoxy primer is designed for maximum corrosion protection of aluminum and steel surfaces. Available in yellow or green.

  • Recommended as first coat on prepared steel and aluminum
  • Mix ratio: 1:1

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