Quantum paint is the solution for every retailer in our industry. Below you will find why Quantum is the choice that you have been looking for. On this page you will find why Quantum is the choice you need, benefits of using our products, and testimonials from our customers.

Why Retailers Love Quantum Paint

  • The easy application of our products makes this ideal for your customers.
  • Our automated tint machine reduces your inventory requirements.
  • We provide excellent customer support.
  • We provide on-site training and demo days for all of our retailer and distributor clients.
  • We have various resources that provide step-by-step instructions and videos for individuals that purchase Quantum paint.

Twice as Durable

Exceeding the standards from aerospace paint technology, our proprietary blend of acrylic and polyester polyurethane protects against UV, chemicals and stains.

Twice the Solids

At equivalent application viscosities, Quantum Paint typically has twice the solids of competitive products.

Double the Coverage!

Each gallon of Quantum Paint goes twice as far as the competition.

Half the VOC’s

Surpassing EPA Standards, Quantum Paint contains half the VOCs of the competition.

Easy To Apply

Easy mix ratios 1:1 for spray, or 2:1 for roll.

Easy To Repair

Ability to polish after application to remove dust, bugs and imperfections.

Benefits of Quantum Paint Products

  • Our products are highly durable. Quantum paint exceeds the standards from aerospace paint technology. Our proprietary blend of acrylic and polyester polyurethane protects against UV, chemicals, and stains.
  • Our products are long lasting and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Our products are easy to apply for any application.
  • Our products contain half of the VOC’s of our competitors. Quantum paint surpasses the EPA standards.
  • Our products contain twice the solids of our competitors at equivalent application viscosities.
  • Our products are flexible enough to be polished and buffed during and after application, ensuring the perfect finish.
  • Our products have double the coverage. Each gallon of Quantum paint goes twice as far as our competitors.

“Quantum 99 paint was easy to work with, vibrant in color and so far after 5 months, tough as nails against the normal use in a marina. But most important to me, and it cannot be over stated, was the after sales support offered by Quantum both before, during and after. Having never painted a boat before but determined to do it myself, Quantum gave me solid how-to guidance and when I messed it up anyway, Quantum coached me on the remedy. The end result was very good and I often get compliments. Lessons learned on this project?…. Spray painting a 46’ sailboat is a lot harder than it looks. “

Thank you Quantum,
Shane Brooker
F46 s/v Isabella