Dark Color Topcoat Brushing Kit Up to 28ft

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Note: Rolled/brushed dark colors: 12 hours after final color topcoat application sand with 220-320 grit sandpaper and apply final application of Clear topcoat.

Dark Topcoat Brushing Kit for Up to 28FT includes:
(2) QT 99-BA1 Base Color, (1) QT 99-BA1-Clear (1) QT and (1) Pint 99-ABR-2001 Brushing Activator, (1) QT SR-95 and (1) Pint Brushing Reducer , (2) CRC-F6-4PK Topcoat Rollers, (2) Mixing Cup, (4) Stir Sticks, (2) Pair Gloves

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