QuantumUV Brushing Kit Up to 150sqft

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QuantumUV Brushing Kit Up to 16FT includes:

(1) QT QuantumUV, (1) Pint 99-ABR-2001 Brushing Activator, (1) Pint SR-95 Brushing Reducer , (1) CRC-F6-4PK Topcoat Rollers, (1) Mixing Cup, (2) Stir Sticks, (1) Pair Gloves.

Quantum UV Clear Urethane Varnish's self-sealing formula and rich, amber color gives brightwork a level, mirror-like finish with no lap lines or brush marks without thinning, in fewer coats, and with little or no sanding in between coats.

This high solids finish fills the grain in three to four coats, letting you easily achieve what used to take twice as many coats: a glassy, flexible finish that's highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and abrasion.

Available in satin and gloss finishes in quart and gallon sizes.

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